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Andiroba oil

Andiroba oil targeting dry skin conditions

Connecticut-based Natural Sourcing has launched Andiroba oil, an extract of the Andiroba nut that contains active properties that make it suitable for a range of dry skin conditions.

On top of this, Natural Sourcing is also marketing the product as helping to soothe aches and pains, together with being a natural insect repellent.

Although Andiroba oil has been used by generations of people in the Amazonian region, its inclusion in the formulation of conventional personal care products for the mass market has been limited until now.

Andiroba oil is extracted mainly from the nut of the Andiroba tree, but also from the bark and leaves. It grows up to 30 metres in height, is a part of the mahogany tree family and is found throughout the tropical regions of South America, mostly in the Amazon basin.

Natural Sourcing says it Andiroba oil has been sourced in Brazil, where it undergoes a minimally invasive and eco-friendly cold press extraction process that gives it a shelf life of 1 year.