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AEOS Profound Nourishing Treatment

Profound Nourishing Treatment
AEOS Profound Nourishing TreatmentDesigned to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, intensively smoothing and softening the skin.

AEOS biodynamic spelt oil is rich in natural vitamin E and essential fatty acids, boasting excellent antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerative properties. As a result it may be particularly beneficial for very dry or prematurely ageing skin, or when the skin is subject to harsh environments or extreme changes in temperature. Spelt, as an ingredient, is very ‘available’ to the skin for optimal absorption.

Use and Application

For optimal results please follow these simple steps in the Evening:

Phase 1: Renewal

To begin, remove makeup and pollution with AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq, and follow by cleansing with AEOS Dew Facial Wash

Phase 2: Rebalance

Then, spritz AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist lightly over the face and neck.

Phase 3: Replenish

To finish, apply one ampoule of the Profound Nourishing Treatment over the face, as a replacement to your AEOS moisturiser. Use a gentle patting and massage motion, and be mindful to focus on the specific areas that are looking dry or where fine lines and wrinkles are appearing.


Triticum Spelta (Spelt) Germ Oil*

*biodynamically grown on Shire farm.

Available at select spas in the Caribbean and #Bermuda through #MAJI Organics.


Novexpert – Anti-Aging Skincare

Logo NOVEXPERT Lab White - Black back

NOVEXPERT – Booster Serum with Hyaluronic AcidYOUR NEW DAILY BEAUTY ROUTINE:

Dispense 1, 2 or 3 drops morning or evening. A multi-function care to use in all circumstances, no matter how old you are, for all skin types and whatever the season. You can apply it everywhere (face, eye contour, neck, cleavage) and use it for everything. Either for touch-ups during the day for an immediate lifting effect or mixed with your day cream to boost moisturising! A care highly concentrated in pure hyaluronic acid (H.A) and 100% natural for a proven efficacy! In one single bottle, the equivalent of 20 H.A injections for a smoothed skin from outside and repulped from inside.

WHY IS IT UNIQUE? 4 different H.A sizes for 4 different actions on, in and under epidermis! And above all, the highest pure H.A dosage in the world!

From now on YOU ARE the cosmetic doctor, at HOME!

A new daily beauty routine that is entirely yours!

Now available at select spas in Trinidad, #Anguilla and Bermuda through #MAJI Organics.

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Manatude – Moroccan Natural Rhassoul Clay

Manatude – Moroccan Natural Rhassoul Clay


Rhassoulis renowned for its outstanding benefits that surpass those of other clays because it contains the highest content of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and due of its extraordinary smectic qualities (absorption ability). It can be used as detoxifying cleanser, skin conditioner, shampoo, and facial & body mask replacing toxins with highly beneficial minerals.  At the same time.


²Reduces dryness (79%)

²Reduces flakiness (41%)

²Improves skin clarity (68%)

²Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)

²Improves skin texture (106%)

²Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedones (blackheads / whiteheads)

²Gently buffs, polishes and removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing and tone of the skins surface

²Completely non-irritating to the skin and scalp

²Cleans skin and hair without removing all of its protective sebum

²No Parabens,

No artificial chemicals      


All skin types Detoxifying and hydrating the face, body and hair Use as part of a traditional Hammam treatment Acne sufferers as a natural treatment Dandruff removal Fantastic pre shave preparation


Organic Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan lava clay)


For a face mask: Using a non-metallic bowl and spoon, mix a teaspoon of Rhassoul Clay with water to make a smooth paste. Add a few drops of Argan Oil or Rose Oil, both if you want a special treat. This can be used as a ‘quick’ mask leaving it on for just five minutes on the skin, or if you have time, put it on your face and leave the mask on for 20 minutes. As a chemical-free shampoo: For short/medium length hair, mix 40gr with approximately 70ml water, then apply to the hair, once in the shower, start gradually adding water as you massage the emulsion over the head and hair.  Keep adding water till the hair is free of clay. Towel dry then comb through.  There is no need to apply conditioner as the hair is conditioned by the clay. As a chemical-free soap: keep a tub of mixed clay in the bathroom and spread a small amount spread over the skin (face or body) then rinse off with warm water.  This leaves the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.    

PRODUCT SIZE 250gm – 5 x 25gm sachets Kern Alexander - Manatude Man IMG_20140714_092835  

AEOS Beauty Body Lotion

AEOS Beauty Body Lotion (Awakening)

75ml (2.64 fl oz)

Beauty Body Lotion Awakening

This moisturiser is full of nourishing organic and biodynamic oils and plant extracts to help hydrate and soothe, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Use & Application
Apply to the body immediately after bathing or showering whilst skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture.

To ensure all the potent elements are energetically brought together before application, we recommend shaking each AEOS product before use.
All AEOS products are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly.

Key Organic & Biodynamic Ingredients
Spelt Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender Extract, Calendula Extract, Rose Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Calendula Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil.

Colour: Yellow – 100% natural and plant derived
Crystal Essences: Opal, Fire Opal, Zincite, Quartz, Carnelian, Orange Calcite


The yellow associations are those of self confidence, the feel good associations with a sunny day – joy! The yellow is a lovely balance to the nervous system to encourage a more centred way of being and to bring in happiness. The yellow AEOS products have two different crystal essence blends which gives rise to the energetic differences between the harmonising and awakening products. The Harmonising Body Lotion is enhanced with sapphire, turquoise and clear quartz, whilst the Awakening contains fire opal, calcite and zincite.

Exclusively available at select spas in the Caribbean through #MAJI Organics


AEOS Beauty Body Lotion Harmonising


AEOS Illuminator

AEOS Illuminator


Product Photography from Packshot Creative

A sheer, complexion enhancer that instantly adds radiance to the face creating a healthy glowing look and luminosity.


Apply sparingly with fingertips, over AEOS Organic Liquid Foundation or AEOS Organic Crème to Powder Foundation, to the cheek bones, brow bone and bridge of the nose, where the light naturally catches the contours of your face.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Contains a blend of organic and biodynamic plant extracts to help promote a healthy and beautiful complexion, whilst allowing the skin to breathe.

Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Spelt Oil all help to soothe and soften the skin and may be helpful in preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

High concentration of Vitamin E.

Now available exclusively at select spas in the Caribbean through MAJI Organics.

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NOVEXPERT – Anti Aging Skincare

NOVEXPERT – Anti-Aging SkincareExpert Radiance Programme: STEP 3 – Exfoliate

Perfect for all skin types except dry skin.

Beauty sleep takes on a new meaning with the Peeling Night Cream! The Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program with renovated 3D peeling cream boosted by hyaluronic acid with an ultra-silky texture. Simply apply the peeling cream before bed and wake up to an incredibly soft, refined, smooth skin!

With the trio-peeling technology boosted by Papaya Extract, Glycolic Acid and Arginine, you can now wake up to a brighter, stunning “new skin”.

Powerful Stages to new skin:
•Rejuvenates Skin with Chrono Peeling: continuous exfoliation over 8 hours
•Reduces Hyperpigmentation with PHA, AHA & Papaya
•Boost Radiance

Best suited for both men and women with sensitive skin, photoaging skin, hyperpigmentation skin or anyone looking for new skin!

Can be used every evening as an intensive 1 month treatment or every other evening as an intensive 2 to 3 month treatment.

Available exclusively at spas in Trinidad, Anguilla and Bermuda through #MAJI Organics.

Logo NOVEXPERT Lab White - Black back 3 PeelingNight Cream Tubes HD alta-moda-vogue-5-14jul14-as_b_426x639


Aura-Soma Parfum 75

Pegasus Aura-Soma 75


Parfum 75

50ml (1.76 fl oz)

Top Middle and Base Notes
Orange Flower, Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose, Muguet, Vanilla, Amber (Tonka, Tolu, Oppoponax, Vanilla), Musk

Comments From Mike Booth, Aura-Soma and Anastasia, Creative Perfumers
This combination of the magenta over the turquoise is named “go with the flow” in the Aura-Soma® system. The turquoise encourages communication from our hearts through the feeling side of our being. Whilst within the depth we attempt to put the love and care into the little things.

When those two colours or energies interact then we also have the possibility to really enter into the flow in life.

If there is a desire or hope for a solution in the relationships in our lives, it begins with putting the care and attention into the small things so that it then may be available in the bigger things.

This also encompasses the relationships within ourselves, like the intuition and analytical aspect within us. Perfumers call this composition the “Tropical Island” encapsulating a “go with the flow” relaxed and positive energy.

The Perfumers have chosen indigenous flowers, such as Bungi Chine (a form of Gardenia) and Gallant de nuit (a form of Jasmine), underlining the scent with a warm base note of Cinnamon, Vanilla, Tonka and Tolu.

Exclusively available at select #spas in the Caribbean through #MAJI Organics.

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