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AEOS Realive Serum


50ml (1.7 fl oz)

Realive Serum
A luxurious and intensive serum containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals that provide a multi-layered delivery of both hydration and moisture. The key active ingredient is hyaluronic acid. This naturally derived ingredient may assist with smoothing wrinkles and plumping the skin. In combination with lavender, rose and rose geranium makes this an ideal serum to help minimise the signs of ageing and encourage a radiant complexion.

Due to its nourishing properties this product may also be used around the delicate eye area to help with any fine lines that are present or developing.


Use immediately after the Refreshing Hydrating Mist whilst the face is still damp to maximise the moisturising effects. Apply a small amount to the palm of the hands, rub hands together and gently pat the serum over the whole of the face and neck.

To ensure all the potent elements are energetically brought together before application, we recommend shaking each AEOS product before use.

All AEOS products are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly.


spelt oil, sodium hyaluronate, rosewater, lavender extract, rose extract, sage extract, rose geranium oil.

COLOUR: 100% natural and plant derived blue extracted from gardenias.

CRYSTAL ESSENCES: opal, amethyst, charoite, turquoise, emerald, quartz, chrysoprase.


Now available at select spas in the Caribbean, Trinidad at the Sanctuary Day Spa, Port-of-Spain 1 (868) 625-8040.


Pegasus Violet Powder Body Lotion

Pegasus Violet Powder Body Lotion 56

75ml (2.64 fl oz)

bottle 56

This body lotion is luxurious in fragrance and intensely smoothing and softening to the skin. Apply to the body immediately after bathing or showering whilst skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture, leaving your skin delicately scented. Perfect for use on its own or as a base for layering your fragrance.

Ingredients include a combination of organic and biodynamic extracts of Rose Water, Jojoba Oil, Spelt Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, scented with 100% natural Parfum created from natural essential oils extracted from plants and flowers.

Top Middle and Base Notes
Nutmeg, Violet, Ylang, Jasmine, Powder Notes, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Comments From Mike Booth, Aura-Soma and Anastasia, Creative Perfumers
The pale violet over the pale violet is called St. Germain. It is a very beautiful combination, we think of the equilibrium bottle being of help to those who find it difficult to be seen even if they have amazing qualities or gifts, to help them to come out and be themselves.

Those who act as catalysts, to bring about change, who are an inspiration to others just by being there. This perfume may help those who don’t want to be seen to be “invisible” or those who feel invisible to be able to be seen.

Violet stands for loyalty, truthfulness and the sensitive thinker. The perfumers have wrapped this predominantly deep purple flower in notes of Musk, warm Sandalwood, Amber and added the high strung, almost metallic Nutmeg as a top note as a refreshing contrast.


Now available at the Serenity Spa, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, Sint Maarten, 1(721) 545-2115.


Novexpert – The Repulp Cream

Novexpert Repulp Cream, like no other, is the express solution to combat slackening skin it gives an immediate “plumping” effect and increases firmness in just 21 days. The natural ingredients work wonders providing dramatic results without a single chemical ingredient. Main benefits of use are re-plumping, toning, nourishment.
3 Repulp Cream Tubes_HD

The Repulp Cream has been expertly designed by Dr Colletta, a delicate formula containing two pure forms of hyaluronic acid; which fill in lines from within giving an express ‘re-plumping’ effect. Suitable for any skin type, it’s perfect for those suffering from:

•Slackening skin
•Thinning skin
•Effects of smoking

Pomegranate and Green Tea extracts protect skin from anti-free radicals, alongside the patented ingredient Novaxyline. Ultra-effective Seaweed, combined with Commiphora stimulate collagen and cells for spectacular anti-slackening results. While Raspberry and Apple complex give a “peachy skin” effect adding enhanced radiance.

shearose MAJI Organics

Suitable for:
•From 20 years +
•All skin types
•Sensitive skin
•Men and Women

Size: 40 ml

Available at select spas in the Caribbean including Trinidad and Tobago and Sint Maar


Manatude by Moroccan Natural Shaving Oil

Manatude by Moroccan Natural Shaving Oil
Manatude Shaving Oil 30ml
An incredible shave oil formulated with a medley of specific ingredients designed to give an effortless, close and clean shave whilst reducing skin irritation and protecting the skins natural barrier. The skin is left smooth, hydrated, soft and supple.
²Organic Argan Oil promotes moisture retention which increases suppleness to reduce cuts, increases the skins metabolism and reduces inflammation.
²Tea Tree Oil soothes irritated skin, disinfects cuts, delivers skin relief and prevents razor burn.
²Organic Sesame Oil is high in amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals providing skin hydration and a natural nutrient infused barrier for skin protection. Reduces skin flakiness.
²The transparency of the oil gives you the unique chance to actually easily see as you shape; fantastic for those who want to shape their beards, goatees and moustaches with precision.
²These oils penetrates into the skin leaving the skin feeling conditioned, refreshed and renewed.
²A smooth shave with maximum glide and slide.
²Does not clog pores
²Minimises post shave dryness
²Invigorating and refreshing light scent
All skin types. Even the most dry, sensitive and easily irritated. A 3-in-1 product; A nourishing pre-shave for those who prefer a gel/cream texture when shaving, used on it’s own to increase slickness and protect the skin whilst having an accurate shave or a post shaving moisturising healer.
Organic Argan Oil (Argana Spinosa), Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum indicum), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleua alternifolia), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol)
DIRECTIONS For Men A little goes a long way! Wet the face and neck with warm water and add a few drops of oil into a wet palm and massage over the dampened area to be shaved. For best results ensure your face is kept wet throughout and rinse the razor often. Product may be used to shave body areas.
For Ladies
Again for best results ensure the area you wish to shave has been splashed with warm water. For the underarms apply 1-2 drops and for legs around 4-5 drops and continue to keep moist as you shave, rinsing the razor blade often
Manatude Shaving Oil
PRODUCT SIZES30ml / 1.05 fl oz pump bottle Now available at select #spas in #Trinidad.


AEOS Beauty Body Lotion

AEOS Beauty Body Lotion (Harmonising)
AEOS Beauty Body Lotion Harmonising

75ml (2.64 fl oz)

This moisturiser is full of nourishing organic and biodynamic oils and plant extracts to help hydrate and soothe, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Use & Application
Apply to the body immediately after bathing or showering whilst skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture.

To ensure all the potent elements are energetically brought together before application, we recommend shaking each AEOS product before use.
All AEOS products are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly.

Key Organic & Biodynamic Ingredients
Spelt Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender Extract, Calendula Extract, Rose Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Calendula Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil.

Colour: Yellow – 100% natural and plant derived
Crystal Essences: Blue Lake Agate, Amethyst, Sapphire, Charoite, Emerald, Turquoise, Quartz.

Beauty Body Lotion Awakening


The yellow associations are those of self confidence, the feel good associations with a sunny day – joy! The yellow is a lovely balance to the nervous system to encourage a more centred way of being and to bring in happiness. The yellow AEOS products have two different crystal essence blends which gives rise to the energetic differences between the harmonising and awakening products. The Harmonising Body Lotion is enhanced with sapphire, turquoise and clear quartz, whilst the Awakening contains fire opal, calcite and zincite.


Available at select spas in the Caribbean, Trinidad, Anguilla, St. Maarten…