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NOVEXPERT – Booster Serum with 5 Omegas

Unique in the World. 100% of Omegas. All Omegas together in a single bottle. Together in a single bottle, the famous Omegas 3, the not be missed Omegas

6 and 9, the mysterious Omegas 5 and the future star, Omegas 7.


It is th 1st serum that makes you travel. Argentina for the jojoba, South Africa for the Marula, France for the Camelina, Mongolia for the seabuckthorn and Peru for Inca Inchi. All the active ingredients in this serum come from all around the world.

Global Anti-aging or Intense Nutrition , why choose.

The Booster Serum with 5 Omegas prevents, protects and repairs. Alone and mixed with your cream, it boosts your care and your skin.

It is the first bottle that contains all the Omegas

Not only 3, 6, 9, The mysterious Omegas 5 and the future star, the Omegas 7, are also part of this cocoon care, a unique booster for the skin.

And of course, a transparent prescription.

100% from natural origin, 0% preservative, 100% hypoallergenic, but you already know that, it is the trademark of Novexpert’s doctors. Less is more.

The must of winter’s travel: prescription of the Booster Serum with 5 Omegas.


At Novexpert, a French product is 100% Made in France. Novexpert products are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in France.

AEOS Smokey Grey Eye Shadow

AEOS Smokey Grey Eye Shadow

Mineral Loose Radiant Eye Colour

A range of creative and vibrant shades that blend beautifully, leaving a soft velvety shimmer. Highly pigmented
colours have been formulated to illuminate and brighten the eyes.

Chanel 00030big_426x639


Apply sparingly with a brush for a subtle day time look. A little goes a long way.
For a dramatic metallic or iridescent look, layer the colour as desired.
Add water to use as a liquid eyeliner and for a more matt appearance.

Moroccan Natural Argan Glow

Moroccan Natural Organic Argan Glow


Argan Oil and SeaBuckthorn Oil! Two miracle oils blended together! A moisturiser and aid to dull sallow skin. Skin repairing and conditioning oil.

argan glow 30ml


Anti-ageing: The premise as to how Sea Buckthorn prevents the ageing process after it has started is believed to be the high levels of vitamins C, E and A, which are both vitamins that are essential for youthful, supple healthy skin, also these are the vitamins said to destroy free radicals, giving your skin the gleam and glow that it deserves.

Healing wounds: The same properties that have such an immense effect on the ageing process also help to heal wounds.
Acne: Again, these high doses of essential vitamins help to aid problem skin both when the acne is active and to help the scars to become less visible. It is also believed that there is an ingredient in Sea Buckthorn that kills the parasite that causes acne.
UV rays: Russian Astronauts have used Sea Buckthorn to stop UV rays from having an effect on the skin, it is also used as a skin bronzer.


Anti-ageing ; High level of vitamin C has collagen-forming abilities keeping skin firm, elasticated and is known for it’s restorative properties.

Problem skins ; Sea Buckthorn assists to accelerate the healing process for skin injuries, burns, wounds, eczema, psoriasis and sun damaged skin.



Organic Argan Oil (Argana Spinosa), Sea Buckthorn Oil


Use as a regular moisturiser daily, morning and night.

Apply before using a Rhassoul Clay face mask for a special treat for your skin and to help with acne prone skin.


10ml / 0.35 fl oz rollerball bottle and 30ml / 1.05 fl oz spray bottle

NOTE If spilled on clothing, this product may stain

Available through MAJI Organics agents, 1(914) 556-56731(914) 556-5673.

argan glow 10ml

AEOS Organic Defining Liquid Eye Liner (Black)

AEOS Organic Defining Eye Liner ( Black )

Organic Liquid Defining Eyeliner

Formulated with natural plant oils for a soft, smooth texture that glides on easily to define and brighten the eyes.
The fine brush is designed for ease-of use and precision application. Available in Black and Brown.

Product Photography from Packshot Creative


Apply a thin line close to the eyelashes. Make your look as natural or dramatic as you like.
Use a cotton bud to smudge the line for a more natural and soft look.

Product Photography from Packshot Creative

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Contains a blend of organic and biodynamic plant extracts to help promote healthy, beautiful skin.
Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Spelt Oil all help to keep skin moisturised
and nourished.

Borage Oil and Grape Seed Oil help to restore moisture and smoothness to dry damaged skin.

6-fizz-buys-vogue-2oct13-mario-testino-b_426x639 ChasingCara_V_5Feb13_MarioTestino_b_426x639 ChasingCara2_V_5Feb13_MarioTestino_b_426x639

Available at select spas in the Caribbean and Bermuda


Moroccan Natural Pure Prickly Pear Oil

Moroccan Natural Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil


A very valuable oil with outstanding moisturising qualities. It helps the skin eradicate fine lines and blemishes, giving the skin a smoother appearance.

The rapidly absorbed oil contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids (over 85%), tocopherols (vitamin E), and linoleum acid (over 70%). By using this moisturiser a natural barrier for the skin is created, which intercepts the free radicals, slowing the aging process down

pear oil 10ml


Protects the skin against premature aging (anti-aging activities)
Tightens the skin and prevents premature wrinkle formation
Promotes a beautiful and healthy complexion
Improves elasticity
Reduces the under-eye shadows and eye circles
Omega 3 & 6 softens and heals
Rollerball applicator gently massages the oil into the skin

Balmain 00170h_426x639 Balmain 00180h_426x639 Balmain 00190h_426x639 Balmain 00260h_426x639


Mature skin as anti-ageing.
Large pored skin
Remedy for those with dark circles under eyes


Pure Prickly Pear Oil (Opuntia ficus-indica)


Use as a regular moisturiser (including the eye area) daily, morning and night.


10ml / 0.35 fl oz rollerball bottle

Available at select spas in the Caribbean and Toronto.

Pegasus Parfum

Pegasus Perfume by Aura-Soma

With Christmas just around the corner, ladies bring out those little black dresses or orange for the many Christmas parties. So why not pair that dress with a 100% organic perfume from Aura-Soma which come in 8 different fragrance.

Aura-Soma PEG30


Our range of Aura-Soma Pegasus perfume is created using only natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. The alcohol, which is used as the fragrance carrier, is certified Organic by the Soil Association and fermented from pure organic grain. By using organic grade materials we can be sure that our fine ingredients are not exposed to pollution or pesticides. Our perfumes are guaranteed free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.


Pegasus is made with love and intention by Aura-Soma Products Limited.

Aura-Soma Products Ltd is dedicated to actively working with the earth’s ecosystem, supporting the planet towards a healthy and harmonious future. By taking responsibility for what we create we believe that we are not only contributing to the solution for reducing our footprint on the earth, but also helping to generate a future with more love, care and consciousness.

Beyonce-Vogue-5Nov14-Rex_b_426x639 Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-5Nov14-Rex_b_426x639 Jourdan-Dunn-Vogue-5Nov14-Rex_b_426x639

Our eco-friendly practices include biodegradable ingredients, sustainable and recyclable packaging where possible, recycling the necessities of a busy company, and the active involvement – for over 25 years – of planting trees and establishing sustainable woodlands. We respect and care about animal welfare, and are naturally cruelty-free and against animal testing.

Pegasus perfumes will be available for Christmas at the Serenity Spa, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, Sint Maarten.

Pegasus Oudh-Incense Body Lotion 30

Pegasus Oudh-Incense Body Lotion 30

75ml (2.64 fl oz)

bottle 30 (1)

This body lotion is luxurious in fragrance and intensely smoothing and softening to the skin. Apply to the body immediately after bathing or showering whilst skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture, leaving your skin delicately scented. Perfect for use on its own or as a base for layering your fragrance.

Ingredients include a combination of organic and biodynamic extracts of Rose Water, Jojoba Oil, Spelt Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, scented with 100% natural Parfum created from natural essential oils extracted from plants and flowers.

Top Middle and Base Notes

Bergamot, Olibanum, Oudh, Jasmine, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber, Vanilla, Saffron, Vetiver, Musk

Comments From Mike Booth, Aura-Soma and Anastasia, Creative Perfumers
Heaven on Earth, may be related to a forgotten promise to always be working toward the solution. Really an opportunity to bring us the reminder that it’s ok to have our head in heaven providing we have our feet on the ground. A wonderful combination from a colour perspective to find peace in a conscious way and yet have the energy to do what needs to be done.

Per Fumum meaning “Through Fire” we reach to the Gods. The bottle encapsulates all the ancient materials used to form the word “perfume” or “per fumum”, Incense, Oudh, Myrrh, are just a few to mention. When burnt, the scented smoke would rise to the skies to please the Gods who in return would reward us with spirituality and peace of mind. Using such expensive materials in a commercial world of fragrance felt like bringing the true quality of “per fumum” back to life, bringing heaven to earth and allowing earth to rise to heaven.

The Exhibitionist - 00070h_320x480 The Exhibitionist - 01070h_320x480

Available at the Serenity Spa, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, Sint Maarten, 1(721) 545-2115.