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Energised water

With the goal of creating the most skin-enhancing products possible, we take just as much care extracting and treating the water used in our products as we do tending the soil and plants on our biodynamic farm. We know that beautiful skin is hydrated skin, so we make sure our pioneering water purifying methods allow moisture to penetrate more easily through the semi-permeable membrane of skin. The water in our formulations is drawn from a natural artesian ground source, free from any potential physical or energetic contaminants found in tap water. To elevate its energetic qualities, water is purified and bacteria eradicated by passing it through vortex pipes so it flows in spirals – just as it would in natural rivers. Any overabundance of earth-derived metals in the water is filtered by a three-stage process, the water is then passed through special chambers, stabilised and imbued with the positive energetic information from crystals. Finally, the water passes through vortex pipes again into a tank for electrostatic induction (ESI), causing vibrations in the water, which help maximise the skin-hydrating powers of our formula.