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Aura-Soma 53

Natural and organic perfume
Aura-Soma 58

Pegasus Aura-Soma 58
Parfum 58

50ml (1.76 fl oz)

Top Middle and Base Notes
Japanese Seaweed, Citrus Notes, Wild Angelica, Jasmine, Aquatic, Rose, Amber, Musk

Comments From Mike Booth, Aura-Soma and Anastasia, Creative Perfumers
The combination in Aura-Soma® of the pale blue over the pale pink is called Orion and Angelica. This colour combination is particularly useful for travellers. What we say is “to help us arrive at our destination with all our bodies intact at the same time”.

It helps us come to a sense of being in the right place at the right time. To return to synchronicity that on our journey, circumstances unfold in a harmonised way.

This colour combination is also one which shakes together as pale violet and so has to do with deep transformation of ourselves. We refer to lilac as transmutation, for the change at a chemical level of ourselves. Perhaps changing the chemistry changes the way we think about things or even how we feel.

A lovely balance between mind and matter, symbolised by earth and sky or flowers and water. Delicate, sensitive and highly feminine, “Pink” Flowers, Rose, Lotus Flower and pink Jasmine, are grounded with a touch of Amber and Musk and represent the earthy notes. Aquatic notes, such as Japanese Seaweed Abs, Dewdrops and Wild Angelica represent the more herbaceous and watery elements on the top notes.

Novexpert Express Radiant Cleansing Foam

Novexpert Express Radiant Cleansing Foam

A Vitamin-C packed airy-light foam cleanser with papaya extract and polyhydroxy acid that gently yet effectively removes makeup and impurities, and exfoliates dead skin cells while respecting skin’s natural moisture barrier. With added zinc, the cleanser also helps to regulate sebum production, unclog and tighten pores.

UNIQUE: an airy light ‘non-ionic’ foam that gently removes makeup, excess sebum and traces of pollution.

Skin-renewing effect, resulting in an incredible radiance, thanks to its ultra-gentle, micro-peeling action.

INCREDIBLE: Tightened pores, refined skin texture.

Novexpert – Night Peeling Cream


Novaxyline algae (patented) :

     – Anti-inflammatory

     – Anti-free radicals

     – Genetic sirtuins stimulation

Vitamin C :

     – Antioxidant

     – Collagen booster


Hyaluronic acid:

     – Repulp / Moisture on surface


Polyhydroxy acid (gluconolacton):

     – Exfoliation on surface – Chrono liberation: progressive

Grafted lactic acid:

     – Semi-deep exfoliation – Chrono liberation: progressive

Papaya extract + vitamin C:

     – Exfoliation on surface – Chrono liberation: fast


Vegetal glycerin:

     – Moisturizing

Jojoba oil:

     – Nourishing

Shea butter:

     – Nourishing

Vitamin E:

    – Anti-free radicals

Moringa – Tree of Life

No ordinary leaf: Moringa tree leaves are said to be full of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and amino acids.

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