Moroccan Natural – Ayurvedic Neem Soap

Moroccan Natural Ayurvedic Neem Soap
Discover the pure, handmade and authentic soaps. Traditionally made using original, time-tested balanced Ayurvedic remedies with wonderful healing qualities. The soaps are ethical (no animal testing), vegan, gluten-free and are completely all natural with a coconut oil base (very moisturizing). Each soap has a unique, aromatic flavour that will waft its delicious scent wherever you use it.Ayurvedic Soap MiniSoap (2)

1 Tulsi ‘Holy Basil’
Rejuvenating andMoisturising
Designed to improve skin tone and texture. Suitable for all skin types
2 Neem
An) anti-bacterial and deep cleansing. A rich herbal formula, ideal for sensitive skin as it cleanses and soothes skin irritations.3 Vetvier

Nourishing and Hydrating
Nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. Ideal for mature for dry skin.

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Ask for Moroccan Natural ayurvedic soaps on your next Caribbean vacation.