NOVEXPERT – Anti Aging Skincare

NOVEXPERT – Anti-Aging SkincareExpert Radiance Programme: STEP 3 – Exfoliate

Perfect for all skin types except dry skin.

Beauty sleep takes on a new meaning with the Peeling Night Cream! The Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program with renovated 3D peeling cream boosted by hyaluronic acid with an ultra-silky texture. Simply apply the peeling cream before bed and wake up to an incredibly soft, refined, smooth skin!

With the trio-peeling technology boosted by Papaya Extract, Glycolic Acid and Arginine, you can now wake up to a brighter, stunning “new skin”.

Powerful Stages to new skin:
•Rejuvenates Skin with Chrono Peeling: continuous exfoliation over 8 hours
•Reduces Hyperpigmentation with PHA, AHA & Papaya
•Boost Radiance

Best suited for both men and women with sensitive skin, photoaging skin, hyperpigmentation skin or anyone looking for new skin!

Can be used every evening as an intensive 1 month treatment or every other evening as an intensive 2 to 3 month treatment.

Available exclusively at spas in Trinidad, Anguilla and Bermuda through #MAJI Organics.

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