NOVEXPERT – Anti-aging Skincare

Logo NOVEXPERT Lab White - Black backNovexpert Skincare products available exclusively through MAJI Organics in Trinidad and Anguilla.MEDICAL EFFECTIVENESS
Why medical effectiveness? First of all because Novexpert’s anti-aging ingredients are a result of medical research which is unusual in cosmetic:CLINICAL SCIENCE: all Novexpert products contain ingredients known to prevent from skin cancer. Don’t misunderstand: they don’t cure cancer but studies have shown they could reduce the risk of cancer if they are applied directly on the skin. In other words, these active ingredients (the Milk Thistle and the Broccoli) protect
from photo aging (skin aging due to the sun). You will see in 2 or 3 years, brands will speak a lot about these components (but as we already work with pharmaceuticals, we already know them.)

COSMETOLOGY: hyaluronic acid: do you know where you can fi nd it? In the skin (dermis) but also in the eyes, between bones, especially in the knees (otherwise they would creak!

Skin is like a mattress: it is made of foam (= hyaluronic acid which is a viscous gel) and sprungs (= collagen
is like fi bres). Apply hyaluronic acid on beauticians’ skin.
==> Stimulating hyaluronic acid means protecting your face’s plump.
==> Stimulating collagen means fi rmer skin.
So as in cosmetology we offer hyaluronic acid (normal but also fragmented so it is deeply absorbed by the
skin) and thanks to the Novaxyline (Novexpert’s patented alga), we know how to make your cells produce new
hyaluronic acid and new collagen even under UV rays which is amazing.

Now available at select spas in #Trinidad and #Anguilla through #MAJI Organics.