Novexpert – Expert Lifting Eye Contour

Perfect for all skin types.

The instant eye sculptor is the only product with a 3D lifting effect designed specifically for the eye contour area. Expert Lifting Eye Contour is best suited to those who are beginning to become concerned with lines and wrinkles around the eye area. It works on the upper levels of the skin to offer an immediate improvement making it a great on-the-spot treatment before a night out or a major event.

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Anti-Aging Eye Contour Bonnet_HD

Instant LIFTING Action: Two powerful skin-tightening plant active ingredients smooth the skin and provide and exceptional and immediate tensor action.

Eye Contour Repulp Effect: Hyaluronic acid fills in cutaneous micro-depressions from within for a visible eye-illuminating repulp effect.

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Best suited for men and women with emerging wrinkles, deep wrinkles, contraction wrinkles or crow’s feet wrinkles.

Size: 15 ml