Novexpert – Milky Cleanser Hydro-Biotic

Novexpert products are available in the ‪#‎Caribbean‬ as well as ‪#‎Bermuda‬ through ‪#‎MAJI‬ Organics

Milky Cleanser Hydro-Biotic

The first cutaneous anti-depressant with magnesium for sensitive skin. The first cleanser with 100% hydro-lipidic film and flora. Dermatology with the first revealed magnesium properties; efficiency on eczema and its mdoerating effect on allergies are highlighted in cosmetology; soothing, anti-flammatroy, magnesium is a true relaxing cuaneous acting on 600,000 epidermal sensors directly connected to our brain.


Age & Skin Types

Unisex – all ages


All skin types

Dermatological Profiles

Sensitve or normal skin

Dehydrated skin – slightly uncomfortable

Dilapidated skin (genetic dryness)

Irritated skin (seasonal dryness)

Post-menopause dryness




Solar exposures

Regular transcontinental travels


Dry climate

Directions for Use

Japanese Method: Apply with fingertips, massage and rinse with clear water

European Method: Apply with the help of a cotton and remove all of it with a cotton soaked with water or not. Spray then with water or apply a tonic.

Make-up removal: In case of need, use before the cleansing, the Micellar Water that removes make-up from your lips, face and eyes